Great Empire of Kemet is a Movement, set up to restore Unity amongst Africans and the various Kingdoms of the African continent.

The word Kemet means black and also refers to the land of black people. The ancient Empire of Kemet was one of the greatest Empires in the world. It is credited for bringing civilization to the world. What we now know as western civilization got its foundation from these African Royals. Its influence went as far as India, China, Europe and America.

Our vision is to re-establish the ancient Empire of Kemet.

Heru iNkosi yama Khosi/ King of Kings. Rebuilding Heru’s Kingdom.

Our mission
Season of Het-Heru is the second
month of the African year. Het-Heru is the principle of Fertilization.

Phahla times: 6am-12noon-6pm-12midnight
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We need Black Unity, outside politics and religion to achieve the spiritual, social, cultural and economic emancipation.

We organize events based on the Kemet/African Calendar. Southern Hemisphere calendar.

23 september

African New Year's Day

Beginning of a new cycle on the Southern Hemisphere. Day of Renewal. The day marks the Return of the  nurturing energy of the Sun.

23 december

African Royalty Day

Exaltation Day. The day when the Sun is closest to earth. Royalty is spiritualy renewed. We celebrate being Afrikan and our tried and tested form of governance Ubukhosi/Afrikan Royalty.


21 March

Lamentation Day

Nomkhubulwane/Auset laments the departure of her husband. The Sun officially departs from the Southern Hemisphere, the beginning of the winter season. 

21 June

Rebirth of the Sun

Day of Hope. The Sun begins its journey towards the Southern Hemisphere. Southerners are hopeful of the return of the Sun.

Our impact
Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think about the future of Kemet/Africa.
Our partners
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