50 inventions by Kemet/Afrikan people. Part 2

Invention Inventor Year
Shampoo HeadrestCharles Orren Bailiff10/11/1898
Electric lamp/BulbLewis Howard Latimer3/21/1882
Spark PlugEdmond Berger2/2/1830
Eye ProtectorPowel Johnson11/2/1880
Straightening CombMadam Walkerapprox 1905
Female cycle indicatorJoseph N. Jackson2/8/2000
Stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
Female Cycle PredictorJoseph N. Jackson11/17/1998
Street SweeperCharles B Brooks3/17/1890
Fire ExtinguisherJohn Marshall10/26/1872
Stove Thomas Carrington7/25/1876
Gas MaskGarrett Morgan10/13/1914
Telephone TransmitterGranville T. Woods12/2/1884
Golf TeeGeorge Franklin12/12/1899
Thermostat ControlFrederick M Jones2/23/1960
Guitar Robert F. Flemming3/3/1886
Traffic Light Garrett Morgan11/20/1923
Hair BrushLydia D. Newman11/15/1898
TricycleM A Cherry5/8/1888
Insect Destroyer GunA.C Richard2/28/1899
TV Remote ControlJoseph N. Jackson3/29/1978
Ironing BoardSarah Boone12/30/1887
Typewriter Burridge & Marshman1885
Lawn MowerJohn A Burr5/19/1889
VCR Remote timerJoseph N. Jackson10/14/1980
Afrikan Inventors

“To Know yourself is the beginning of WISDOM

Mkhulu Nsingiza

9 thoughts on “50 inventions by Kemet/Afrikan people. Part 2”

  1. Keep on the great work, many don’t know about the inventions by Africans. There are more recent ones that are not on the list.

  2. Your mission resonates so vividly with my soul in its entirety. I have arrived and I am grateful you have created this space. I am ready and open to receiving this wisdom and serving under the guidance of my ancestors.

    Quick questions:

    1. I want to study African philosophy and the knowledge of indigenous systems under the mentorship of Africans. How can the empire serve this purpose?
    2. I would like to chat to someone in the empire to discuss the above and seek some guidance. is this possible? I am based in Mozambique and would be available through any of the online mechanisms.
    2. for how long should a an African women be breatsfeeding a baby and should she be practicing celebacy after giving birth? For how long?

  3. Unity has always been our strength. As a people, we have spent a long time being divided by the boarders created by the colonizers and failed to recognize that it is actually our skin that unites us as brothers and sisters. Propaganda and false teachings are now rife on social media and our kids are fed lies and led astray in schools. Knowledge of self is what we lack, but I believe such platforms are the way to go.

    I truly believe that we have more in common than we know, we can learn so much from one another as a people. We are still at war with ourselves, and until we quill that fire within, we will never see the crowns we already wear…

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