As the sun rises to create another year so arises the land of Kemu and her people. The ancient kingdoms
1 - Ausar
Invention Inventor Year Shampoo HeadrestCharles Orren Bailiff10/11/1898Electric lamp/BulbLewis Howard Latimer3/21/1882Spark PlugEdmond Berger2/2/1830Eye ProtectorPowel Johnson11/2/1880Straightening CombMadam Walkerapprox 1905Female cycle indicatorJoseph N.
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InventionInventorYearAir-Conditioning unitFrederick M Jones7/12/1949Lawn SprinklerJ W Smith5/4/1897Auto Fishing DeviceG Cook5/30/1899LockW.A Martin7/23/1889Auto Gear ShiftRichard B Spikes2/6/1932LanternMichael C Harvey8/19/1884Blood Plasma BagCharles DrewAprox
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ON OUR WAY TO A BETTER AND UNIFIED KEMET/AFRIKA. Kemet means black and refers to the land of African people.
Kemet Science

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  1. Kgomotso MAAT Raborife


    Can the site be updated with info relating to the Tropic of Capricorn information.


  2. I luv the fact that at long last Africans bayavuswa. Vuka darkie , Vuka mtomnyama Camagu…

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