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KemetChat is an app meant for the setup of the virtual divine Kemet Empire. Join the Divine empire today.

KemetChat is a private network that facilitate communication among-st the members of the Great Empire of Kemet community.


35 thoughts on “Download KemetChat”

      1. Chulumanco ntangeni

        Good morning Mkhulu. I am a student at the university of Fort Hare. My friend and I have started a society call African Spirituality Society that educates students about the kemet ancient history and black empowerment .
        We would be very honored to be Mkhulus scholars as you were a scholar of the great Mkhulu Credo Mtwa.
        Our aim is to have all tertiary institutions have a society or movement that teaches and make Spirituality a lifestyle.
        Please get in touch with me. I believe in African Spirituality

  1. Do we have to be on a certain android package? I’m getting an error message when trying to install

  2. Peace and love be upon you brothers and sisters may the good Lord bless and keep you in this new year. Let’s make Africa great again as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. God bless Africa!

  3. Nwabisa Speelman

    Yearning to know more about my Origins and history as an Afikan child of the sun and the soil. Spritual freedom arise. Thokoza kwimvelaphi yesintu esintsundu.

  4. Thokozani i am struggling to download the app on ios is there a alternative way in wich i can download the app?

  5. I have skills in Web development and design see below some of the work I’m currently working on. Lujulile Consulting is my company and we working on bettering the website.

    I appeal to contribute to the GEK movement my services. I noticed that we need to include another payment methods like paypal in buying both the Kemet Royal Calendar and Kemet/Afrikan Calendar book. Please check the and test how we’ve used other payment methods.

    I’m currently in a process of downloading the Kemit chat app, I look forward to using it.

  6. Modiehi mphuthi

    Hotep royas. I downloaded kemchat, but I haven’t recieved a link in my email..pls help

  7. Good day.

    I’ve downloaded and installed the app, and registered but i haven’t got an email from yesterday, I’ve checked spam and refreshed but I’m still reviewing no email.
    Please kindly assist.

  8. Thokozani, I have a problem with signing up. The app says I should check my email but nothing happens. I have been trying for weeks still nothing.

  9. Bhebesi Ka Heru

    Hi, I downloaded the apk and reinstalled it on my phone because I had lost all my files and apps on my phone, now it’s asking me to verify my identity using PC, but I have never logged into PC, and I can’t find the app.

    How else can I verify my account?

  10. Sechaba(BlackSupreme32)

    Thokozeni Royals.
    I am part of the Kingdom of Heru……. my phone was full so I had to format it.. unfortunately I couldn’t back up my data. I just downloaded the kemetchat app. So I need help verifying my account.

  11. Yvonne Ntshangase

    Thokozani Mkhulu I have installed the a0 but I am struggling to register since yesterday I have been waiting for an email to verify so I can continue with the registration

    Kindly please help
    Many thanks

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