Isililo Sika Nomkhubulwane: Burning the Bibles and freeing our ancestors

A Heartfelt Expression of Gratitude

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all who attended the spiritually inspiring and emotionally charged Kemet Ceremony of Auset Lamentation/Isililo Sika Nomkhubulwane at EmaNgwaneni/Bergville on the 20th and 21st of March. Your presence was invaluable in our collective pursuit of ancestral knowledge, cultural identity, and spiritual freedom.

Burning the bible and the bloody cross

The event brimmed with profound Kemet/African symbolism and intense emotions as we bid adieu to uMvuseleli, the nurturing energy of the Sun. Under the guidance of strong and wise African women, our community united to embrace our roots and reject the foreign Grecko/Roman/British mental bondage that has long afflicted our people. The ritualistic burning of the Bible, with each attendee contributing their copy to the sacred fire, symbolized our collective refusal to remain enslaved.

The Presence of Distinguished Elders and Leaders

The Great King of AmaNgwane, NkosiNkulu Mlungisi Ka Tshanibezwe, alongside esteemed elders like uGogo Nkanyezi from the United States and Prince Sbusiso Ka Zwelithini Ka Bhekuzulu, enriched the event with their presence. They discussed the divine spiritual aspects of Auset and Ausar, the significance of breaking free from colonialism, and the profound teachings of the Great Empire of Kemet. Their words served as powerful reminders of our inherent wisdom and strength, urging us to unite against the forces attempting to weaken our power and unity.

Reliving the Event and Continuing the Spiritual Journey

We encourage everyone to watch the full event on YouTube and immerse themselves in the powerful emotions, teachings, and experiences shared during that sacred night. Let the passion and wisdom resonate within you, inspiring your journey towards spiritual awakening and the liberation of our African souls.

Live Event – Isililo Sika Nomkhubulwane

Addressing Ignorance and Embracing the Truth of our History

To those who may criticize this sacred spiritual event, we invite you to open your hearts and minds to the truth of our shared history. The reality of the harm inflicted upon our people by foreign, Caucasian false religions rooted in the Bible cannot be denied. We must educate ourselves and others about the profound impact these beliefs have had on our African heritage. We urge you to begin this journey of enlightenment by exploring the work of Dr. Ray Higgins, who has devoted his life to exposing the detrimental consequences of the Bible on our people. By acknowledging the truth and embracing our ancestral wisdom, we can heal the wounds of the past and work towards a brighter future, united in our shared spiritual strength.

The Launch of Kemet University of Truth: Reconnecting with Our Stolen Legacy

As we progress on this transformative path, we eagerly await the official launch of the Kemet University of Truth. This esteemed institution will offer teachings rooted in true African history and our stolen legacy, shedding light on the wisdom and knowledge long obscured by external forces. By immersing ourselves in the sacred teachings of our ancestors, we reconnect with the natural world and unlock the power of the ultimate mantra: “Know Thyself.” It is through this profound understanding of our true selves and our place in the cosmos that we can restore the spiritual wisdom that has sustained our people for generations, empowering us to overcome past challenges and forge a brighter, more united future for Africa and her children.

Heavenly Signs and the Road Ahead

As we reflect upon the event, we cannot overlook the powerful signs from the heavens—lightning and rain throughout the night—indicating the spiritual approval of our ancestors and affirming the importance of our actions. For those who were unable to attend, the event was streamed on YouTube, allowing you to experience the powerful emotions and teachings from the comfort of your homes.

Upcoming Event: Continuing the Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening

We eagerly anticipate the next event on June 21st in Durban, marking another cardinal point in the sacred Kemet/African Calendar. Our journey towards spiritual awakening and the defeat of ideological subversion by the British South African Republic is ongoing, but together, we shall rise.

Thank You for Your Commitment to Our Shared African Heritage

Once again, thank you for your presence, your passion, and your commitment to our shared African heritage. We are all part of the sacred tapestry of our ancestors, and as we continue to reclaim our wisdom and unite in spirit, we are truly unstoppable.

Gratitude for Mkhulu Nsingiza’s Spiritual Guidance and Leadership

In closing, we extend our deepest gratitude to Mkhulu Nsingiza for his unwavering spiritual guidance during this pivotal moment in our history. His unyielding dedication to sharing his light with the people of Kemet/Afrika has been a beacon of hope and inspiration as we navigate our way towards a brighter future. Mkhulu Nsingiza’s transformative leadership has left an indelible mark on our hearts, and his legacy will continue to empower and uplift our community for generations to come.

Carrying the Lessons Forward: Fostering Unity and Strength

As we continue our spiritual struggle, let us carry the lessons from this ceremony into our daily lives, fostering a sense of black unity and strength that can never be broken. We are the chosen ones, and together, we will reclaim our rightful place in the world.

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4 thoughts on “Isililo Sika Nomkhubulwane: Burning the Bibles and freeing our ancestors”

  1. Our Mama/Father Earth Spirit is now restored, awakened, free, beginning the healing journey to breathe, thrive, create and rise to it’s high vibrating frequency of divine splendor; Reconciling and reconnecting with both the masculine and feminine creative energies that will yield sweet, awesome satisfactory unwavering fruits (the chosen seeds) that will live forever. Long live the Spirit of Nomkhubulwane and Mvuseleli long live! We the descendants of the melanated poeple shall rise and rule again.


  3. Thokozani royals mawashe lama bible its long over due and those who feel intimidated need not to worry we are doing the right thing we have to go back to our own knowledge we didnt need this western way of praising Nomkhubulwane , Qamatha, Mvelinqangi uRA
    {Isikhathi sama popiye sphelile } this is our time .Aaaaa NOMKHUBULWANE

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