1. Kemet/African Calendar book –
  2. The Magic of Ancient Egypt
  3. Africa’s hidden history by Credo Mutwa
  4. Indaba my children by Credo Mutwa
  5. The African origin of civilization by Chieck Anta Diop
  6. The sacred magick of ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark
  7. The sacred tradition in ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark
  8. Book of the dead by Wallis Badge
  9. The Kemetic tree of life by Muata Ashby
  10. African religion volume 1 by Muata Ashby
Great Empire of Kemet
The Kingdoms

Live Lectures by Mkhulu Nsingiza

Ausar Kingdom
Het-Heru Kingdom
Djehuti Kingdom
Nebt-Het Kingdom
Heru Kingdom
Auset Kingdom
Anpu Kingdom
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