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The Great Empire of Kemet Movement is a brand of the Zindzi Mandela Foundation.

The Great Empire of Kemet movement is the implementation arm of the Zindzi Mandela Foundation. We give lectures on Sundays about all aspects that affect black people on the continent. Spiritual, social, cultural and economy.

For Africa, to truly decolonize, it has to return to its center of power and it’s tried and tested form of governance, which is Royal authority. The African Kingdom is very central to African people because it was set up as a representative of the cosmic Kingdom on earth (As above so is Below). The King was one with the creator they called Amun Ra, uMvelinqangi, Rara, Ramasedi, Shikwembu etc.

African Royals ruled during the period we know as the Golden Era of the continent. These Royals were astute in the fields of agriculture, science, astronomy, architecture, spirituality, astrology, medicine and many more. Africa has been on a downward spiral ever since the destruction of the Great Empire of Kemet. It is time for Africa to awake from its eternal slumber and re assume her responsibilities of being the mother conntinent.

African Kingdoms should be in the forefront of this restoration process, promote unity, reconstruct the African personality, promote self-reliance and lead the decolonization campaign. They have to be relentless in reconstructing the soul of Africa and in reestablishing her identity. For Africa to rise again, it needs to reconnect with its glorious past, free itself from mental slavery and neo colonialism.

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