Happy New Year KEMU

As the sun rises to create another year so arises the land of Kemu and her people. The ancient kingdoms are revived to reign as they were from the beginning, royalty is reawakened in melanin bodies and the contracts of spiritual and physical servitude are officially terminated. 

This is the year of restoration, the year of restoring the heart, restoring the soul, and restoring the empire of Kemet. We tend to the wounds in our hearts and our roots, we cleanse away all that weighed our spirits down, we open every energy centre in our bodies and in the land to welcome the full blossom of life as we co-create with divinity.  We are reuniting our communities; we are re-assembling the nation of BaNTU and we realign with the rhythms and vibrations of the land and the cosmos. Umhlaba be ulindele ukuvuka kwethu, sibuyile, sivukile, sisokhula no mhlaba. Sisokhulisa kwa NTU, silungise indawo yethu. 

Wishes for the new year

  • May it be a year of acute alignment, may we remember the centres of our being, the waters that bring us into being.
  • Dipelo di phuthuloge, lethabo le kganye dipelong tsa rona, boitumelo bo nne le rona ka nako tsotlhe.
  • May we rise to our thrones and may we embody our greatness 
  • May we lead in truth, may we lead with courage and may we lead with hearts as light as feathers
  • May we rise in unity, in community and in royalty

Goals for the new year

  • To fully align and implement the Kemet Calendar
  • To nurture one’s talent and gifts and to help nurture the gifts and talents of our kingdoms
  • To reclaim stolen treasures of Kemu from European empires
  • To rebuild the Kemet economy and knowledge
  • To migrate from the English language to Medu Neter, the original language of Kemu



Image: Ma’at, Mthethokazi, Mmamolao


To me, the new year is the time to consciously cleans both my body and my spiritual self. It marks the end of lambing season and the beginning of new mating for the small stock. 

I’m intentionally implementing my annual plans. It’s great to know that one is starting the year at the right time so I can align my plans with the correct energies. It’s also a unifying time for all Africans as was the case in ancient times.

Ma’at Kingdom should focus on knowing and understanding themselves spiritually and physically without the influence of how Ma’at should be.

Intentions and wishes for the new year

•To be conscious to worldwide limiting beliefs and views on spirituality, religion 

•Improve on my own limiting habits 

•To religiously practically follow the indigenous African calendar 

Goals set for the Kingdom for the year ahead

• Improving Communication 

• Contributing to the kingdoms collaborative teamwork assignments

Happy New Year Kemet, Happy New Year Alkebulan, Happy New Year Africa!

Article by: Emperor Zawadi- Geb Kingdom leader & Communications and Publications leader


Nkhosi Ma’at- Kingdom leader 

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  1. Kgomotso MAAT Raborife


    Can the site be updated with info relating to the Tropic of Capricorn information.


  2. I luv the fact that at long last Africans bayavuswa. Vuka darkie , Vuka mtomnyama Camagu…

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