50 inventions by Kemet/Afrikan people. Part 1

Air-Conditioning unitFrederick M Jones7/12/1949
Lawn SprinklerJ W Smith5/4/1897
Auto Fishing DeviceG Cook5/30/1899
LockW.A Martin7/23/1889
Auto Gear ShiftRichard B Spikes2/6/1932
LanternMichael C Harvey8/19/1884
Blood Plasma BagCharles DrewAprox 1945
Lubricating CupElijah McCoy11/15/1898
Bicycle FrameI.R Johnson10/10/1899
Mail BoxPaul B. Downing10/27/1891
Baby BuggyW.H. Richardson6/18/1899
MopThomas Stewart6/11/1893
Cable TV Booking DeviceJoseph N. Jackson7/25/2000
MotorFrederick M Jones6/27/1939
Cellular Car PhoneHenry T Sampson7/6/1971
Peanut ButterGeorge W Carver1896
Chamber Commode/ToiletThomas Elkins1/8/1897
Record Player ArmJoseph H. Dickinson1/8/1918
Clothes DryerG T Sampson6/6/1892
RefrigeratorJohn Standard7/14/1891
Door KnobOsbourn Dorsey12/10/1878
Riding SaddlesW.D. Davis10/6/1896
Egg BeaterWillie Johnson2/5/1884
Rolling PenJohn W. Reed1884
ElevatorAlexander Miles10/11/1867
Afrikan Inventors

To Know yourself is the beginning of WISDOM

Mkhulu Nsingiza

2 thoughts on “50 inventions by Kemet/Afrikan people. Part 1”

  1. Baba it’s very good movement you’re doing for our nation..
    As one of the people of kemet I’d say “Finally” and Waita Hako!

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