Kemet/African Royal Calendar


Kemet means black and refers to the land of African people. We call this calendar the royal calendar because it was created before the colonial era, when Africa was ruled by kingdoms. Our “Zep Tepi” the first time, is calculated from the  establishment of the oldest stone calendar called “Inzalo Yelanga” by Babu Credo Mutwa, commonly known today as the Adam’s calendar in Mpumalanga South Africa and the oldest written one called the Dendera calendar in Egypt/ancient Kemet.

Inzalo yelanga

The success of every nation is directly linked to its relationship, recognition, development and promotion of its knowledge systems. These knowledge systems could be either exoteric or esoteric. Moreover, incorruptible wisdom teachings should always be systematic and scientific in all places, at all times, through all circumstance, without exception. It is therefore common knowledge that within the African context, thriving nations did so because of their dependence of laws of nature.

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      1. I can attest that the Kemet Royal Calendar is the correct calendar that we “africans” need to follow. Each month energy goes hand in hand with the what we are experiencing. For example the looting and riots took place during the Set/Sekhmet those two energies break down “incorrect” structures. Another example will be Asar the renewal energy which one experience a change of thoughts, new ideas during this season.

        1. Were as the current calendar we are following nothing makes sense we are filled with spiritual void which can be witnessed physically and mentally.

          1. Linda Jepkorir Hannestad Souza

            I’m interessed to buy this book.
            Can it be shipped to Europe?

        2. Siyathokoza Mkhulu yikho lokhu ekade sakulindela uBaba uSilo lesi esikhotheme sangitahela sathisizozishintsha izinto. Aaah Mvelinqangi Aaah Nomkhubulwane Aaah Djehuti. Siyathokoza Mkhulu

      2. Tebogo Johannes

        Thokoza Mkhulu Nsinga thanks for the enlightenment,I’m from the Eastrand Ekuhruleni in Tsakane me& others are interested in joining the GEK Movement for the do we do that

      3. Ndiyabulela tata ngemizamo yakho ukuthi usiphathele imfundiso ezibangela sizazi singabantu abamnyama sisukaphi.. aah khehla

  1. Ah Mvelinqangi 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Ah Nomkubulwana👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Ah Mthethokazi👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Ah Nkosana👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Ah Vusamazulu👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Thokozani Makhosikazi Namakhosi 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Phumzile #Thegirlnextdoor Phatedi

    Thank you for the most amazing experience eNzalo, such an eye-opener. The space, the spirit were great. To many more events and partnerships. Thokozeen.

  3. Thank you Mkhulu Nsingiza for dedicating your life and energy to this worthy cause to steer afrikans to direction of our foundations and unity of our people.


  4. Sivuyile Hempe

    Thokozani ma Afrika this is the best thing that has happened for Afrika in very long time we need to stand up and take back awer land ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿💯

      1. Hotep Royals ,makes perfect sense! The different energy that accompany each month & each neter is essential in the teachings! Ah Amun!

  5. I pledge with my family to live and follow kemet calendar starting from virtual mkhukhu episode with DJ Abu and co host and thank you for your wisdom of Blackwell ⚒️

  6. Thank you for the copy of the calendar Mkhulu 🙏🏽 , so much wisdom and insights about how the world works and operates

  7. Thokoza Mkhulu Nsinga thanks for the enlightenment,I’m from the Eastrand Ekuhruleni in Tsakane me& others are interested in joining the GEK Movement for the do we do that

  8. Zenande Gege

    I’m just an young man who has no direction in life but from now on I understand the phrase “Indlela ibuzwa kwabadala” this is the kind of leadership we need as a youth and from now on I will also pledge to the African Calendar. It’s sad how my family is neglecting all this but I’ll by all means to convince them in practising the ancient belief.

    Thank you Mkhulu Ntsingiza. Thokoza Khehla. You are one of the kind. 🙏

  9. Hendrick Lehobye

    Ah Geb ah mhlaba ah lefatshe,praise question is based on the shape of the earth and would like to know if it is Flat or Round as the white man described?”.Ka Leboga!

  10. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for putting up. “What is a thousand years Time is short for one who thinks, endless for one who yearns.” by Alain.

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